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Interesting and Useful Links

Here is a collection of interesting and useful links on the state of the world in mid-century.

Global Issues Overview, United Nations. An overview of important issues.
2052: a Global Forecast for the Next 40 Years, Jørgen Randers, 2012. Website by one of the authors of The Limits to Growth (1972).
An Assessment of Global Megatrends, European Environment Agency, 2015. Environmental and related world megatrends.
Global Risks Report 2018, World Economic Foundation, 2018. Annual survey of current global risks and uncertainties.

Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds, US National Intelligence Council, 2012. CIA report on current geopolitical megatrends.
Global Trends: The Paradox of Progress, US National Intelligence Council, 2017. CIA report on global megatrends and forecasts.
Global Trends to 2035: Geopolitics and International Power, European Parliament, 2017. Report on future political scenarios.

Megachange – the world in 2050, The Economist, 2012. Economist articles on global trends.
Twelve Emerging Trends that Bring Hope for 2018, US Nature Conservancy, 2018. Positive environmental megatrends.
IPSOS Global Trends, IPSOS, 2017. International public opinion surveys concerning the future.
Megatrends 2015, Ernst & Young, 2015. Assessment of key modern trends affecting the future.
The World Order in 2050, Carnegie Foundation, 2010. Key economic trends.

Global Strategic Trends to 2045, UK Ministry of Defence, 2015. Defence-related global trends, UK perspective.
Future State 2030 – the global megatrends shaping governments, KPMG, 2014. The future of the state and of nation states.
Five Megatrends & their Implications for Global Defence and Security, PWC, 2016. Geopolitical trends and security-related issues.
Thinking the Unthinkable – leadership in the digital age, CIMA, 2015. Management and leadership issues for the future.

The Millennium Project: Fifteen Global Challenges, The Millennium Project. Action plan for future issues needing attention.
The Great Transition, Stockholm Environment Institute, 2002. Transition to a sustainable world.
The Limits to Growth, Club of Rome, 1972. The original 1972 version of this landmark document.
The Limits to Growth – 30 Year Update, Meadows & Randers, 2005. Updated review of Limits to Growth, by its original authors.

Can a Collapse of Global Civilisation be Avoided? Paul & Ann Ehrlich, Proc Royal Society, 2012. Catastrophic scenarios.
Why a Collapse of Global Civilisation will be Avoided, Michael J Kelly, Proc Royal Society, 2013. An answer to Ehrlich.
The Collapse of Global Civilisation has Begun, David B Lauterwasser, 2017. Breakdown of civilisation, by a permaculturalist.
The Black Swan: the Impact of the Highly Improbable, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, NY Times, 2007. About black swans.

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