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A concise all-round assessment of

the state of the world mid-century


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Download Possibilities 2050

Download Possibilities 2050 here
Guardian of the Isles, Pordenack Point, Land's End, Cornwall, UK

The book is available in PDF format in two page-sizes.
Available as an e-book and an audio book in due course.

Click one of these two.
Both are exactly the same book - just different page sizes.

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A4   PDF, 1.4Mb
best for printing on A4 paper (121 pages)

You are welcome to forward your copy of this report as much as you like.
Or send a link to this site to anyone you think might be interested.
Please circulate the report as it stands, without alteration. Not for resale or commercial use.
You may print it out in single copies for personal use or in small quantities for discussion groups.
You may quote or reproduce fair chunks with correct attribution, such as: 'From Possibilities 2050 by Palden Jenkins.'.
For any other usage, please contact the author first.
© Copyright Palden Jenkins 2018.

Best wishes
Picture above: a natural granite rock at Pordenack Point, Land's End, Cornwall, UK
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